Week Two Summary:

April 29, 2017

Hello! I'm glad I'm doing these weekly summaries, because it's great to think of everything in relation to each other and to see the big picture. I think my favorite workshop of this week, just for content, was the ORM and Sequelize and the SQL ones. (We are still working on the ORM and Sequelize workshop). I like to think about how to use and organize data logically. Anyway, here are the rest of the topics we covered this week....

What We Learned:

- Node.js

- Express


- Schema Design

- Practical Promises

- ORMs and Sequelize


Final Thoughts:


This past week was difficult in a different way than week one was. Last week, we used the tools we pored over in foundations to solve problems. This week involved more rote learning, as we learned newer tools and systems. I like how, less obviously, we are learning to learn. Having the capacity to learn a new skill or tool quickly is integral for a developer. All of this stuff won't be like this forever. A few years ago, javascript didn't have arrow functions or promises. Isn't that wild?? 


I have also felt like in learning these new things, I've neglected my Javascript practice, and my logic and reasoning processes aren't as quick as they were last week. My learning team leader Liz, who has been extraordinarily helpful, says this is part of the Grace Hopper process. I haven't found it difficult to trust the process, but it's kind of hard to trust myself!


I feel like everything will catch up to each other eventually, as I keep practicing and doing stuff over and over.


Looking over next week, the topics seem interesting. I am interested in the TripPlanner Static UI workshop on Friday. I'll also try to post some more next week! Hopefully I won't be too stressed out about the checkpoint. Okay, bye!

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