Week One Summary: Sarah's Declassified GHA Survival Guide

April 25, 2017

Hi, fam! I'm posting this Week One summary on *Tuesday* of Week Two, because I was trying to prioritize all of the pre-reading (see tip one) but here it is. Week One, we were given a loooooot of information. I think it was Dan or Liz who said it was like standing in a storm and holding a teaspoon. So, I'm going to go over what we learned the first week, and some tips to get through it.

What We Learned:

- Data Structures

- Selectors

- Sorting Algorithms

- Game of Life

- Node Introduction  

- Compilers (CS Saturday)





1. Do the pre-reading!  Definitely prioritize doing the pre-reading so you can go into workshops prepared.

2. Everything you learn will come up again.  You don't need to stay up all night reviewing a concept you went over in class, unless you are really lost (in which case you should probably schedule office hours) because you will probably get practice with it in the next workshops. For example, I wanted to spend some time going over trees this weekend, but actually got practice working with trees during CS Saturday's compilers workshop.

3. Pair programming doesn't come naturally at first, especially if you're a spelunker and working with a librarian or vice versa. But I found it really beneficial for the learning process. 

4. File help tickets if you're v lost. I think a good time to file a help ticket is if you are trying the same thing over and over again and it still doesn't work, or if you're having a weird technical problem that is impeding you.

5. Bring snacks!  I spend like 90% of my time here eating almonds. I keep a bunch of food here, like oatmeal, chips, and frozen meals if I have a tight lunch schedule.

6. Label your macbook charger because we all have the same computer and chargers are v expensive.

7. GET SLEEP! This one seems obvious, but it's tempting to stay up all night and go over your notes or learn more about a concept you'll be reviewing the next day.



That's all  I can think of right now, but I'll add more if it comes up... The first week is a little stressful, but it's also lovely to get to know everyone in your cohort, aka your future professional network, and the topics we are learning about are v enthralling. The days will go by so quick, it will feel like you're learning a year's worth of material in one day, so try to stay in the moment! Ok, good luck!

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