Day Five:

April 22, 2017

Today is the last day of week 1, not including tomorrow, which is a CS Saturday. I can't believe the first week is over! 

To start the day off, my pair coding partner, Rachel, and I continued working on the Game of Life workshop. We are almost finished, but for some reason, our step function is only running once. So we are going to meet up after the CS Saturday workshop, and fix that, so we can finish and host our project on Github pages.


My pair partner and I were discussing some ideas we had for Node projects, to get more practice. I had an idea to make an app that returns the foreign word for however the user is feeling, that doesn't exist in English. So if the user inputs that they are feeling both sympathetic and embarrassed, the program would return 'fremdschämen', the German word for vicarious embarrassment. I think it would work in a similar way as the Haiku Generator worked, where the database we would import would contain linked lists of every English word the foreign word meant.


These kinds of discussions are exciting, and something to look forward to in our senior phase, once we master these tools!


So after the GOL workshop, we reflected, as a cohort, on the first week and discussed our high and low points. Like I said during our discussion, I'm trying to embrace the low points, or struggles, as an important part of the process. I think a good goal for next week is to allow myself to read the workshop notes and test specs more thoughtfully, instead of nervously rushing through.  


I've said it a few times before, but I'm really happy I did the prep course! I think it really prepared me well for the overall flow of this week.


After lunch and a nice check-in with my learning team fellow, we started a workshop on Node.js. To prepare beforehand, I worked on the haiku generator workshop (obviously) and tried to get through the Code School Node course. I was totally getting through the Code School course with no problem, until I reached the Express video. I literally had no idea what was going on.


But for the previous levels, I really liked to learn about how programs are written modularly. And how asynchronous programming could be useful for something like a messenger app, where people are joining conversations or sending messages at the same time. Or if you're uploading a file and you want to see the upload status. 


I also just think it's so cool that Node can see what dependencies your program has in package.json, and install the modules needed.


Okay, so, I'll definitely post tomorrow after CS Saturday. Then in the next few weeks, I'm going to do weekly summary posts, and then just post when something noteworthy happens.

Funnest Fact of the Day: The ES6 update included arrow functions (written like this: var add = (x, y) => {return x + y};) which have a lexical scope.  (So, if you use an arrow function within another function, 'this' refers to the outer function, and not the arrow function.) Handy!


TWIST! There were two fun facts today. The other fun fact is that NASA uses Node.js to support spacesuit operations. Meanwhile, I use Node.js to generate random haikus.

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