Day Three:

April 19, 2017

Wow, what a wild day! I'm so exhausted, so I'm sorry if this is hard to read, lol.


I came in a little early, and worked on an interesting Code Wars problem. The goal was to validate IP addresses. To do so, you had to get the hexadecimal value of each number that was input, to equal 32. It was cool to implement a hash function, which is something we learned yesterday.


Wait, really?! Yesterday?! I feel like I've been here for four years, but I also feel like each day is passing in hyper-speed.


Stella and I finished up our binary search tree methods. I'll miss working with her! 


The second workshop was a little stressful because I was losing steam! My partner, Marina, was a superstar and very patient when I made silly mistakes. I was anxious because I didn't understand the specs right away. But once I got a handle on it, it was fun to go through the specs. The takeaway for me is THANK GOD FOR THE BUILT-IN SELECTOR METHODS. Just like I felt we re-created the different Array prototypes in foundations, I'm grateful that most of the heavy lifting is done for us.


The extra credit was quite difficult! I feel like once I get some sleep and look over it, solving it will be easier.


I'm looking forward to tomorrow's workshop. I hope I'm not very tired!

Funnest Fact of the Day: This is actually from the first day, but I just remembered it today (?) but the programming field was originally dominated by women. I know it's cheating to use an old fun fact, but I'm tired, and tbh the most fun thing I can think of right now is that jquery has selector methods. Woohoo!

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