Day Two: More Data Structures!

April 18, 2017

Today was excellent! We continued learning about data structures, focusing on binary search trees and hash tables.

Stella and I were paired again, and we worked on creating a binary search tree constructor function. We were both kind of nervous when we learned that recursion would be a big part of our solution code, to make the leaves and to search, but we worked through it! I was pleased with how seamlessly we were able to visualize and map our solution on paper, then translate into actual JS.

All we have to do to finish the workshop is complete the three traversal methods. Before Immersive, I watched a few videos on binary tree traversal. I'm glad I did, even if they weren't for Binary Search Trees in particular, I'm glad I was able to review the concept before the lecture.

Oh, and we had an enthralling round of Grace Hopper Jeopardy. I think they called it Hoppardy? The topics included The History of Javascript, CSS, HTML, Grace Hopper, and Javascript. Anyway, we lost, but at the end we found out that our team is our learning team! 

Here are my learning team members: Jackie, Sara (not me), Melanie, Kaisin, and Sarah (me). We will be having our first learning lunch on Thursday, so I'll post an update on Team Sarah (our learning team name?!) then!

Funnest Fact of the Day: Javascript engines, like V8. implement most objects as structs. How? I have no idea.


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