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Stardew Valley


This mod adds a wedding anniversary event to your game. If you are married, your spouse will give you a different gift for each year you are married. They will also speak custom dialogue, depending on your "favorite thing" and if you have any children. When you go to the location where you got married, wedding music will play.  

 Talked to You 

Press 'Q' to see a list of people who you haven't spoken to today, and which of those people are in the area. This mod is great for people who are just starting out and want to build relationships with people in town!

The Sims 4

Camp Granite Falls

This mod turns Granite Falls into Camp Granite Falls, a sleepaway camp for kids and teens! Use the club feature from Get Together to create a bunk for your camper. Choose "Any Camp Granite Falls" venue as your club hangout. Then, sign up for summer camp with your bunkmates!

 Celebrity Reward Trait 

Sims can purchase the Celebrity trait from the rewards store for 4,000 points. The Celebrity trait makes it easier for Sims to move up in careers that rely on charisma, such as entertainment and politics. It also gives them a significant confidence boost from being recognized, but they may get tense from visiting non-home lots and getting noticed by lay-sims.

The Newcrest Times

The Newcrest Times can be purchased from buy mode. Sims get a confident buff from skimming through the paper and becoming informed on world events. Different sections are unlocked by your Sim's mood! For example, if they're inspired they can read the arts section and if they're sad they can read the obituaries. They can also do the crossword puzzle, which raises their writing skill! 

Paper Girl Career

Are you feeling nostalgic for Nancy the Paper Girl of The Sims 1 fame? You can add your own paper girl/boy to your Sims 4 world! Sim children can apply to be a paper deliverer every morning before school. They can use the newspaper to change into their uniform before work, or whenever they want to show off their retro duds!

Filmmaker Career

Sims can have a career in filmmaking, on the director or screenwriter path! Career levels include uniforms and a work interaction that will increase their skills. Sims will also earn buy mode rewards as they progress through their careers!

More Black & White Bash Clothes

Sims won't be wearing the same boring base game clothes at their next black and white bash! I updated black and white clothes from the City Life EP, Luxury Party stuff pack, and the Vintage Glamour stuff pack to be included in the list of clothing options.

the sims 4

Sims 4 Installation

  1. Navigate to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/

  2. Find or create the folder named 'Mods'

  3. Download the mod to your Mods folder

  4. If it is zipped, unzip the contents

  5. Make sure to enable mods in your game if they are not enabled already

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