2015 in review

Brushing up on Javascript


Decorating my new apartment
Prepping for trivia night



welcome home!


I recently moved into a new apartment on the Upper East Side with my friend from high school. On the weekends, you can catch us baking biscotti and watching Netflix! Our apartment is small, but I love a design challenge. I tried to use creative storage options in my room, such as wall shelves for tiny necessities and a repurposed library card catalog cabinet for nail polish and jewelry. We've only lived here for a short time, but it feels like home already!




Shiloh the rabbit makes herself at home

trans lives matter!


I have been volunteering with the Anti-Violence Project (AVP) since January. I'm on the Hate Violence Action Committee, and we meet monthly to plan campaigns and hold discussions on what's going on in the trans community. I'm also training to be a crisis hotline volunteer at AVP, and working towards my Rape Crisis Counselor certification! This work is extremely important to me. Did you know that the average life expectancy of a trans woman of color is thirty five years? If this statistic disturbs you, go to AVP.org and see how you can join the conversation.


The Hate Violence Action Committee in action!






in hot pursuit


Here is some fun trivia about me- I love trivia! Once I am settled into my new apartment, I'm excited to host monthly trivia nights. My last trivia night, Degrassi Trivia, went flawlessly. Try out my true or false trivia game to test your skills!

hello world!


You can catch me on Code Academy on my lunch breaks! Ever since I took my first computer science class in college, I've been in love(lace) with coding. I had a great time creating games in Python, and now I'm brushing up on my Javascript skills. I have a lot to learn, and it gets frustrating sometimes, but when your program works flawlessly, the effort is worth it.



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