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This year, I created a few mods for my two favorite games: The Sims 4 and Stardew Valley. Making mods, or game-modifying scripts, is a fun way to learn a new language or framework. One of my goals for 2018 is to become a more prolific modder. You can download the mods I've made and check back for upcoming mods here.


I had another opportunity this year to work with Emoti-Con, an annual convention for New York City high school students to showcase their digital creations. I taught a group of design fellows 3D modeling and the basics of Unity to design trophies. Together, we created a virtual reality walk-through of the trophies! I was also lucky enough to help out at the actual event, where I saw students' hard work on display. One of my favorite projects was a game developer collective that aimed to create games around feminist issues!



This spring, I participated in a 24-hour-long Sims marathon to raise money for Planned Parenthood. During the 24 hours, I tried to complete as many challenges as I could. I also played a game with my viewers, where they had to guess whether a tweet was written in the context of the Sims or real life. There was even an impromptu wedding for Sims John and Argus! I met my donation goal of $300, and had a blast playing the Sims all day. You can read more about my experience here.

SEE YOU IN 2018!

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