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Sarah Hubschman

Hello, I'm Sarah Hubschman aka githubschman. I'm a software engineer and game developer living in Brooklyn, NY.


In my spare time, I like to play and mod games. I love The Sims and do a Sims marathon for charity every year!

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Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 5.23.43 PM.png


My Sill is can be described as a Neko Atsume and Stardew Valley hybrid. An urban farmer, your goal is to grow a variety of pixel plants on your windowsill. Plants grow and game graphics and music change as the player's real life weather changes! As you plant more seeds and level up, new plants and items become unlocked.


My Sill is an ios game built with React Native, and uses the Dark Sky API to get weather data.

  • download mysill in the app store
  • github my sill
  • React Native

  • MobX

  • Firebase

  • Dark Sky Weather API


I love making mods! What are mods? They are scripts, software, and/or assets created by players to change the behavior of a game.


My most recent mods were made with Python, C#, and various modding software and APIs made available from modding communities.

  • Python

  • C#

My Sill


Inspired by the game Overcooked, Overschooled was created as part of Amplify's 2019 hackathon!

Players race the clock and work together to fulfill objectives that appear on the top of the screen, trying to get the highest score possible.

  • Web Sockets

  • Three.js



Rain Bow was created as an entry for the annual JS13K Games contest. The goal of the contest is to create a game that is no larger than 13kb using only JavaScript.


Using the ASDF keys, you can play each raindrop as it falls down and hits the rainbow. The more notes you miss, the worse the storm gets, so make sure you are accurate! You can also compose and play your own songs in compose mode!

  • github my sill
  • JavaScript

  • HTML

Rain Bow


For a lack of a better name, Name Codes is a real-time multiplayer game based off of the tabletop game,  Code Names.


I created this game so my remote coworkers wouldn’t be left out when we played Code Names! Name Codes was built with React and Redux, and uses Firebase on the backend.

  • github my sill
  • React

  • Redux

  • Firebase

name codes


Emoti-Con! is an annual convention for New York City high school students to showcase their digital creations. For the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to teach a class to Emoti-Con!'s esteemed design fellows on 3d modeling in TinkerCad at The New School. 


I created this VR app to display the beautiful trophies made by the Emoti-con! fellows. I used React and A-Frame.

  • emoticon vr github
  • React

  • A-Frame



I created this Chrome Extension for anyone who is just learning how to code and visiting a lot of different sites. It allows you to highlight, save, and edit blocks of text.  It will also recognize and format blocks of code.

  • github take note
  • JavaScript

Take Note
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